Human-Robot Interaction

iStock_000017120635_FullRobotics and automation is increasingly coming into direct contact with people. Exoskeletons, material handling tools and other human-robot interfaces all face similar challenges: keeping the interaction safe, smooth and working in close concert with the user. At GaitTronics Laboratories we have developed unique expertise in this field, having developed several robotic systems requiring human robot interaction. Our design experience and unique controllers could bring world leading human-robot interface to your application. Contact Us to learn how we can apply our expertise in human-robot interaction for your application.

Advanced Automation

Automating your process can reduce your costs, improve quality control and increase reliability. With advances in robotics, increasingly complex tasks can be automated at much lower costs than ever before. At GaitTronics Laboratories we have developed automated systems across a wide range of applications. Contact Us to learn how we can help you bring automation to your application.

Advanced Control and Algorithms

58410040_thumbnailMany existing systems can dramatically increase their performance and functionality by simply changing the software that controls it . However, this often requires the application of complex algorithms such as non-linear based control, machine learning and vision based control. Our team has the right expertise than can bring the benefits of advanced control to your application. Contact us if you think your have an application that could benefit from our expertise.

Strategic Planning for Your Oppurtunity

Simply designing a new product is only part of the task. At GaitTronics Laboratories we can bring strategic planning to your project from the outset. We can make sure that the cost structure will fit within your budget and take into account all factors that can impact your product. This includes taking into account customer requirements, pricing, regulatory requirements, design standards, quality control and risk management. Contact Us to learn how our team can help you.